Dheeraj Dhari is an excellent yoga teacher, even with online classes he manages his students so minutely that at least I have gained so much from him and learnt so much about yoga . Yoga is helping me so much and the way he makes me do is definitely helping me more. He is really too good as a yoga instructor.
Anshu Bawri
Homemaker, Shillong
I have been taking online classes for over a year with Dheeraj. He is a very sincere teacher and easy to connect with. He makes sure to take the time and effort to understand the physical and personal issues that may be affecting your health and wellbeing and tailors the class according to your needs. Have always felt much better after doing a class with him.
Agricultural Expert at Australian High Commission, Delhi
Dheeraj has impeccable knowledge of Yoga asanas and his personal practice is like Shiva doing Yog Asanas. He has tremendous patiences and willingness to teach Yoga to his clients. He doesn't push his clients to do Asans instead motivates them , explains them the Asana and that I feel is the key for learners to master the art of *being in the asana*.
Rishi Chadha
Director at Sentient Gaming, Bengaluru
Dheeraj lives up to the meaning of his name, Patience! We as a family of three have been doing Yoga with him for over 3 years now. He goes out of the way to understand the body type and customizes the workout each time and he does so with immense patience. All in all his knowledge of the asanas and his patience makes him a great yoga teacher.
Consultant, Bengaluru
Great teacher . Very patient and dedicated . Taking his classes has benefitted me a lot .​
Vivek Varma
Entrepreneur, Bengaluru
Never a dull momemt in his class, keeps energy levels high , likable, very attentive
Drishti Bansal
Creative Head at And It's Wrap, Kolkata
Dheeraj is by far the best yoga teacher I have had. He guides me to do poses I never thought I'd manage, like headstand. He also explains well, so I understand the reasons behind and benefits of what we are doing. Yoga used to be just exercise for me, but now it is something that brightens every day
Anna Schlunke
Software Engineer, Sydney
It’s been just over a year since I started practising yoga with Dheeraj, a knowledgeable and exceptional yoga instructor. Classes with Dheeraj have given me the confidence to do some difficult asanas such as sirshasan and other inversion poses. Best yoga learning experience.. Lots more to learn..:) Best Wishes!!
Abija Nambiar
Sustainability Consultant, Bengaluru
Yoga meant exercise to me initially , but post classes with Dheeraj Sir , it’s much more than that , it’s relaxation, self-realisation, understanding of one’s own body . His classes are much more than just exercise . Not even one day when it feels like a class, it’s mostly a positive fun form of decluttering the mind and body .
Aditi Bansal
Co-founder at And It's Wrap, Kolkata
It has been a year plus since i started Yoga under the guidance of Dheeraj Dhari and it has been an amazing experience. Dheeraj is a dedicated and patient yoga instructor and his attention to detail is amazing. Every posture and pose is perfected under his keen eye. He has a very calming and gentle manner which gives me the confidence to try the more complicated pose. Yoga has definitely brought about a sense of calm and peace and improved my balance and flexibility ...Thank You Dheeraj for introducing me to the wonderful world of Yoga
Sheena John
Teacher, Bengaluru
Dheeraj is a very knowledgeable Yoga instructor. His instructions are clear and understands the students limitations and helps them achieve asanas quickly and using the right technique . I have learnt great yoga asanas from Dheeraj and look forward to taking up more classes with him . I highly recommend him as a yoga teacher.
Arvind Dwarakanath
Senior Manager, Bengaluru
Dheeraj is absolutely thorough in his yoga teaching and is a very patient teacher . He makes us understand each pose and explains in detail so we know what we are trying to do and achieve.